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Dreaming is a universal human experience where we see a succession of visual imagery that elicits thoughts and emotions while being in the REM sleep cycle. Humans have dreamed since time immemorial. In many cultures it is believed that nature dreams with us and even of us. 

We study Dream Work and practices for Dream Recall here at My Medicine to connect our students more deeply to the inner and outer edges of their subconscious realm. In this realm, we are able to connect with our soul’s deepest purpose and receive messages from different dimensions or levels of our being.

Mugwort and dream work go hand-in-hand, as Mugwort gently opens the gates to our third eye and dreaming mind. As a consciousness shifting herb, Mugwort can act as the bridge between communicating with nature, our ancestors, and our guides. We invite you to learn more about Mugwort’s history and use in our Plantcestry Article here.

To recall and record the stories of your dreams is a beautiful and precious practice. We present you our Mugwort Dream Oil recipe so you, too, can deepen your connection to your dreaming mind. 


  • 1 quart of Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1-2 cups of Dried Mugwort (best if locally sourced)
  • 1 quart Mason Jar (may be smaller or larger
  • 1 single Sticky Label and Pen


  1. Fill a quart-sized (smaller or  larger, as your preference) mason jar with your dried mugwort, till about 3/4 full.
  2. Fill your jar with olive oil, occasionally pausing to stir with a chopstick to ensure there are no dry pockets. You may observe bubbles of air releasing. Continue filling your jar with oil until the tippy top and know you are encouraged to let it spill over a bit as you want as little to no air in the jar as possible.
  3. Screw on your lid and give a good shake. Let sit for a few minutes and check again to make sure more oil isn’t needed.
  4. Label your medicine, including but not limited to: the date, moon phase (full), contents (mugwort and OO), etc.
  5. Let sit in a cool, dark place (the pantry or a cupboard is best), and give it a good shake daily, or a few times per week.
  6. You may strain your oil in about 4 weeks or during the next full moon. Simply pass your oil through a strainer (nut milk bag works great for being able to squeeze out every drop!), save your oil, and compost your plant material. 

Once your oil is finished infusing, we encourage you to keep a small jar next to your bed or wherever you complete your nightly routine. We also highly recommend a pen and dedicated dream journal so upon waking you can quickly record the visuals, audio, and emotions you experienced during dreaming. As you prepare for deep sleep, rub a drop of oil onto your third eye with the intention of recalling your dreams and allow Mugwort to do the rest. 

Oct 11, 2022

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