Developed by Dr. Marlene Hampton (formerly known as Dr. Ehrler), a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with six years of firsthand experience as a practitioner, professor, speaker, and online educator, the My Medicine™ Program is a 9-month course designed for practitioners, students, and individuals seeking to reclaim their passion for the field of health and wellness, explore modalities and practices not taught in traditional educational settings, and define their purpose within healthcare on their own terms.

The Mentorship Program


Each month, a new module is released containing materials and activities to work through, easily broken down into weekly assignments. Half way through the month, join the Q+A session to gain clarity. At the end of the month, join the live call to integrate the teachings, share your experience, and learn more.



Monthly 3-hour live lectures, sharing circles and Q+A sessions to light you up and expand you, an exclusive online forum to connect with community and deepen relationships, over 500+ pages of tutorials and guides, to enhance your journey and understanding of the material and 1:1 calls with Dr. Marlene Hampton.



Enjoy a unique blend of modalities not offered in a single program anywhere else: honing your intuition, ancestral medicine (unique to your lineage), nourishing traditions (through food and seasonal living), land stewardship, nature-spirit communication, traditional medicine making, herbalism, dreamwork and more. 



Each month on the new moon, a new module is released. Guided by Dr. Marlene Hampton, you will journey through the weekly course material composed of readings, practices, and assignments, join the live calls, and practice your new skills alongside your community of fellow mentees. 



Nine Inspiring Modules
 1:1 Quarterly Support Calls
Exclusive Community Network
Sharing Circles and Q+A Sessions
Lifetime Access to the Curriculum

+        Nine Inspiring Modules
+        1:1 Quarterly Support Calls
+        Exclusive Community Network 
+        Sharing Circles and Q+A sessions
+        Lifetime Access to the Curriculum

Reimagining How We Learn About Health & Wellness


Nature Communication

Nourishing Traditions

Ancestral Medicine

Land Stewardship

are you ready to explore

over 8 years of professional 1:1 patient care


licensed natropathic doctor


supported & taught over 60 my medicine mentees


community advocate


3 years teaching 100+ students at the university level


Founder of my Medicine


+   licensed Naturopathic Doctor 

+   over 8 years of professional
      1:1 patient care

+   celebrated community advocate

+   supported & taught over 60 my          medicine mentees 

+   Founder of MY MEDICINE

+   3 years teaching 100+ students        at the university level

Imagine being able to effortlessly access your intuition, share unique lineage-based practices that truly work, and build a wellness practice that embodies radiant, sustainable, and effective wellness. There is an indescribable richness to living out this dream, and standing out from the crowd.

But trust me, I know how far away that can all feel when you are uninspired by the tools you are currently using. I’ve been there myself, and I knew something had to change. I created the My Medicine™ Program to help you avoid the challenges and frustrations I endured and on a timeline and budget that is realistic and accessible.

"If you're anything like most of our students, you need support taking your gifts and offerings to the next level. I've walked this path too and am here to guide you every step of the way. Welcome to My Medicine."

Meet Your Instructor:
Dr. Marlene Hampton

Restricted access to content, handouts, and network once the course ends.

Course taught by a single individual, with limited interaction.

Learning opportunities falling within one specific area of focus such as herbalism only, nutrition only, dreamwork only, etc. Lack of an integrated and comprehensive curriculum. 

Access to a moderated community via Facebook or social media network with limited ability to form lasting connections.

DIY course content in short timeframes

Typical Programs

Lifetime access to mentorship content, handouts, articles, professional network, and community of alumni


Access to our panel of professional speakers & educators


Expansive learning of various modalities not offered in traditional medical settings, including dreamwork, traditional nutrition, seasonal living, folk herbalism, and more.


Access to our private community portal to engage in meaningful dialogue, discussion, etc. with fellow students


9 Months of instructor-led long-term learning & support 


My Medicine Mentorship


The My Medicine™ Program offers a life-changing deep dive to anyone who enjoys the healing arts. Over the course of 9 months, participants will journey through our multifaceted curriculum, enriching their skills as healers while also caring for themselves along the way. Flip through a brief overview of the learning objectives of each of our nine modules. 

Our Curriculum

The truth is, the meaningful conversations, education, and exploratory practices in this 9-month mentorship are priceless. Our investment options ensure that we can offer you the highest quality curriculum, pay our team and staff well, and reinvest in our community. Learn more about our scholarship programs here, and our affiliate program here. 

Investment Options

— Sydney  |  2021 Mentee

"Life before this program, I was trying to find myself as a healer, but felt stuck. This program has made a huge difference in my life. I find myself with all of the feelings of frustration I was battling with prior to this program gone. I also now know how I want to practice, which previously was a big stressor for me. What I enjoyed the most about this mentorship is the community I have gained. I feel so loved and supported by Dr. Ehrler and my fellow mentees. This is also what surprised me- I did not expect to graduate with people who feel like a family. This has been such an amazing experience that I have a hard time putting into words just how amazing it has been for me. I would do it over and over again, ever time."


— Jaclyn  |  2022 Mentee

“This program completely changed my life. It should be mandatory for any student or professional in medicine.”


— Kirstin  |  2022 Mentee

"This program has re-connected me with my spirituality, an aspect of myself I had lost since starting medical school. I had lost a lot of myself in school, as I felt that my time was not my own and there were constant expectations to be filled. I am happy to say I am now reading again, journaling regularly, and praying again. I’ve begun finding creative outlets again. I believe all of these things are due to this program, as perhaps I needed “mandatory” self-care and pursuit of spirituality. Thank you for that. I feel much more connected with my spirit and the earth than I have in a long time. This will impact everything about my future practice - how sustainable it is and how much I’m truly able to help others. I feel much more capable of living a full life."


— Liberty  |  2021 Mentee

"I was missing a community of like-minded individuals that were interested in topics and modalities that weren't often discussed in the core curriculum at school. There was also a lack of mentorship beyond "lab test and supplementation." These can definitely be useful tools, but I wanted to learn more about the roots of our medicine and gain real world knowledge about how to bring it to my future patients. This program has empowered me to stay true to the roots of [my] medicine and trust in the power it yields for people. I feel competent and confident to apply these modalities to my future patients, and plan to continue using them myself. The knowledge and community you gain in this is priceless. If this type of medicine interests you, please join this mentorship program! I feel strongly that we need more educated and competent practitioners that can share this medicine with patients. People need this medicine, and they may never find it without us!!"


The My Medicine Program includes everything you need to get started on our journey. Enrollment is closed for 2022-2023, but join our waitlist to be notified when enrollment reopens.  

The My Medicine Program includes everything you need to get started on our journey. Enrollment is closed for 2022-2023, but join our waitlist to be notified when enrollment reopens.  

It's Time To Reclaim
The Way We Learn About Health & Wellness

It's Time To Reclaim The Way We
Learn About Health & Wellness